First 5 minutes of American Horror Story Asylum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111

Oct 17, Wed 10PM on FX

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I can’t get over the way this guy ~fabulously~ decorates The Hobbit set. 

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Title: Hit Me Baby One More Time Artist: Darren Criss 3,489 plays


Lea, imma let you finish. But Darren Criss had the greatest Brittney ‘slowed down jazzier virgin’ cover of all time.

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Inception as a metaphor for film making  

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Scenes from “A Very Potter Senior Year”

When Team StarKid concluded their Harry Potter fandom tribute trilogy with “A Very Potter Senior Year” at LeakyCon 2012 in Chicago, we talked to both fans and performers about what it all meant. Here are a few photo moments of the scene, and be sure to check out the main story and video.

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